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PICKUP SOCCER NYC was began in Fall 2006 by a group of disheartened individuals, tired of playing in games with leagues and teams that took the sport WAY too seriously... so seriously in fact that it took all the fun out of the game for us and playing for sport, NOT just to win! We wanted to play for fun when we wanted. We also could not find pickup games in Manhattan back in 2006. As a result we started these games. Our games are informal and recreational with an emphasis on non-competitive play and open to all.

PICKUP SOCCER NYC is an organized, co-ed recreational group that holds soccer games year-round (Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer seasons) at grass/turf playing fields across NYC with 8-30 players to a game. Attendance is optional - once registered, can attend as many or few games as you wish! Games are co-ed and players are from all backgrounds and nationalities (18 years and above), from beginner to ex-pro. We are not a league and do not keep standings, we just play together. We do not keep score and we do not use refs or officials - we moderate games ourselves making our own calls. PSNYC members love soccer - all come together around a common love of the sport, regardless of skill level or playing ability!

If you have questions regarding the group or membership please contact us at any time: info@pickupsoccerNYC.org
Thanks for your interest & we hope to see you out there!

Pickup Soccer NYC (PSNYC) is a division of Pickup Soccer, Inc., a non-profit recreational sports organization whose mission is to build a friendly and peaceful environment in communities throughout the world in which all persons from all cultures regardless of playing ability, age group or background can join together on the field and participate in recreational, organized pickup soccer games year-round. The Organization strives to build an environment of camaraderie, equality, good will, volunteerism, and fellowship among its players through positive exchange and teamwork via non-competitive play.


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